Last updated on Saturday, 5th November 2011. Official Rob Anderson concept art arrives at the Tavern!

Dedicated to an old best mate of mine and Moonstone-playing compadre, Daniel Wright. Dan died in 2005, aged just 25. Rest in peace, Wrighty...


The innkeeper of the Moonstone Tavern remains Rob Taylor 2002-11 

elcome weary travellers to The Moonstone Tavern, the only site on the Web dedicated to the 1991 Commodore Amiga/PC classic and pioneer of gaming gore that is Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight. Contained within is a history of the quest, an extensive bestiary, battle tactics, ROMs, movies for download, features plus tons of gory screenshots that will no doubt bring the bloody memories flooding back... So why not treat yourself to a flagon of frothing ale (on the house, naturally!), put your feet up and reminisce with me as I take you for a sojourn through Rob Anderson's magnificent and charnel-splattered world of knights, monsters and valiant derring-do...


Amazing Moonstone concept art - both official and fan-made - lands! See more (inc. high-res downloads) in the Box Art, Music & Wallpaper section.

he liberal use of blood is just one of the many reasons why Moonstone has continued to attract and retain such a cult following over the years. Banned in Germany and condemned in the the USA, the game was a hack-and-slash gore-fest with some truly shocking death animations. Ground-breakingly explicit graphics, a brooding soundtrack by Amiga maestro Richard Joseph and perhaps the greatest intro sequence ever combined to create a taut atmosphere of prevailing doom. If you've played Moonstone before, you'll no doubt want to reminisce, if you haven't: what the hell are you waiting for? Go download it ASAP!

Interested in knowing where this crazy scene came from? Head over to the Remakes page ASAP!


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